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If you would know me a little bit, then you know my love for sheer fabrics. Translucency but in a subtle way is my middle name. I am talking about the SS14 Burberry collection by Christopher Bailey.  I always love to read the comments by Tim Burton with great pleasure, he really is a word-magician if you ask me. I just have to quote him: 

Christopher Baileys promotion of Nottingham lace seemed like an advertisement for the biggest underpants known to womankind, that was merely one of the more logical facets of his celebration of the English Rose, a woman who probably couldn't give a good goddamn about thongs and such. So there was something of that sturdy stereotype, the vicar's wife, in the way that Bailey laid a cashmere cardi—maybe with the sleeves knotted interestingly in back—over a lace skirt. And here comes the sexy librarian in her polka-dot blouse and high-waist pencil skirt. 

I love it how he says "laid a Cashmere Cardi". And the sexy librarian look is just so a look I can adapt too.
"If you can dream it....you can do it"

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