NEw York Fashionweek

Current State of Mind: I fel into the water and now I am free

Is it just  me or am I the only one that is bored from here until the the stars in the sky with the New York fashionweek. Normally I always feel some sort of exitement, a little twinkle that says, "yes it starts again!"
Really nothing that I have seen so far, struck me. All designers are doing the same. And if they are not, you can see exactly from which other designer they got their inspiration from. 

At moments like this I really mis Alexander mcQueen. The fashionworldd would have looked so much different if he would still be alive: The rebel queen of English fashion. He was making such an statement. He was pushing everyone to the edge. Fashion needs an EDGE! But at this point the edge is nowhere to be found. 

It has also something to do with the fact that CELINE wasn't showing last season. It was the only show I looked out for, exept for Chivenchy, and then it didn't happen. Speaking about an anti-climax. I don't know if Phoebe Philo is going to show her collection for CELINE this season, but if she is not, fashion might as wel be dead.

About mcQueen: "He is a wild bird and I think he makes clothes fly" ( Quote Isabella Blow)
"If you can dream it....you can do it"

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