Subtle Jewelry: THAKOON SS 14

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                         Photography by:mara Corsino, for Selfsevice Magazine
These pictures are taken backstage at the Thakoon show. This is absolute my favorite collection so far. I am not a fan of big "Bling Bling", but I found it really stunning how he integrated this jewelry into his clothes.The overall collection is very clean and simple, so the jewelry had a place of it's own. Really subtle if you ask me. Such a new way of eveningwear. Instead of wearing a dress, you can wear these loose relaxing trousers with this intricate detailing. 
Did you notice the small cross-body bags on the long pearl chains? These were made in collaboration with the Japanese jewelry company Tasaki. I just discovered a new favorite....
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If you would know me a little bit, then you know my love for sheer fabrics. Translucency but in a subtle way is my middle name. I am talking about the SS14 Burberry collection by Christopher Bailey.  I always love to read the comments by Tim Burton with great pleasure, he really is a word-magician if you ask me. I just have to quote him: 

Christopher Baileys promotion of Nottingham lace seemed like an advertisement for the biggest underpants known to womankind, that was merely one of the more logical facets of his celebration of the English Rose, a woman who probably couldn't give a good goddamn about thongs and such. So there was something of that sturdy stereotype, the vicar's wife, in the way that Bailey laid a cashmere cardi—maybe with the sleeves knotted interestingly in back—over a lace skirt. And here comes the sexy librarian in her polka-dot blouse and high-waist pencil skirt. 

I love it how he says "laid a Cashmere Cardi". And the sexy librarian look is just so a look I can adapt too.
"If you can dream it....you can do it"

ADIDAS by Stella mcCartney

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When I saw the video of this collection presentation, I instantly wanted to do more sports myself. This Collection by Stella McCartney for Adidas is really great if you ask me. I like the retro influences.
If I quote Maya Singer on style.com:
From a technical perspective, the emphasis here was on integrating more sustainable textiles into the mix. There was also a focus on lightweight, breathable outerwear. But really, as McCartney herself noted, the point of this showcase, and indeed the point of the collection itself, was to inspire women to get their sweat on.
We'll that definitely worked for me!
"If you can dream it....you can do it"


A bag to hug

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                Source: www.style.com, Picture by: Tommy Ton
Ok, don't ask me why I like this picture, because I do not know it either. I just think it is a supercool look. It is the combination of all the wrong things that makes it so right. It is also the combination of different structures and textures. The soft and comfy jersey, the Fluffy bag, the satin-shine skirt. Also the shape of the skirt worn with a relaxed sweater is a really good way to mix up the conventional way of wearing clothes. I love the length of the skirt.

The bag must be so nice to hold. It is like hugging you old teddybear when you were young, but now it is allowed to hug your bag in the middle of the street. It is interesting how this bag can look soft and "huggable" but firm at the same time. 
"If you can dream it....you can do it"


NEw York Fashionweek

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Is it just  me or am I the only one that is bored from here until the the stars in the sky with the New York fashionweek. Normally I always feel some sort of exitement, a little twinkle that says, "yes it starts again!"
Really nothing that I have seen so far, struck me. All designers are doing the same. And if they are not, you can see exactly from which other designer they got their inspiration from. 

At moments like this I really mis Alexander mcQueen. The fashionworldd would have looked so much different if he would still be alive: The rebel queen of English fashion. He was making such an statement. He was pushing everyone to the edge. Fashion needs an EDGE! But at this point the edge is nowhere to be found. 

It has also something to do with the fact that CELINE wasn't showing last season. It was the only show I looked out for, exept for Chivenchy, and then it didn't happen. Speaking about an anti-climax. I don't know if Phoebe Philo is going to show her collection for CELINE this season, but if she is not, fashion might as wel be dead.

About mcQueen: "He is a wild bird and I think he makes clothes fly" ( Quote Isabella Blow)
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LACE me up

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Another post on the VALENTINO aw 13/14 collection. If I quote the designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli:
"We were making connections between what they call the severe yet sensual portraits of the Dutch masters for this collection. "We wanted to capture women in a private moment," Chiuri said. "In this show, the face is very important"—as it was for Vermeer and company". They are speaking about Vermeer's Girl With a Pearl Earring.
These pieces have such intricacy in the details.  What we see: a lot of lace and laser-cut leather encrusted with beads or in "Calvinist" plain cotton piqué. The soft wool with the lace collar is to me, a combination from heaven. I am in love with the lace. The red nails make you wander if this girl is as obedient as she seams....
"If you can dream it....you can do it"