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I just do not know why some people find love just at once and others have to suffer. They break up a few times, because they are searching for that someone.....that special one. After a few break ups, it makes you so fragile that you never want to experience that feeling ever again. 
When you do meet someone, you keep a distance and don't show yourself to the other person just like that. You do not want them to hurt you. When you slowly get to know someone just for a tiny bit, and you have the feeling this is actually a really nice guy, you still do not show anything back....

You think if this is a person with his heart on the right place, there is no need to rush into things. Just have a laugh,act impulsive!?,be mysterious and don't judge......Don't be to serious, and try to look beyond the stereotype. You give just a little bit and you realise it is nice that there is someone interested in you. You have so much to offer, but you don't show it now, because then it only can become more if there blossoms something.

So many love songs a written about this toppic, that I should write my own. I am not a writer, so I am not even going to try. I like to mess around with words and say silly things sometimes. 
I told myself that I wold never judge anyone, without I have seen their actual deeds. Off course, Doubt comes creeping over your back, but sometimes it comes to you, out of insecurity.

You can't blame the other person that after a while they are going to be like; who is this person? But you Can blame a person, that they just trade you in for another person without even knowing you. I just find it really difficult to understand and when I might understand I will choose not to, because love is not perfect.

It is almost like fastfood, it is fast dating. With affairs we try to forget as quickly as possible. I do not even like the word affair.....
People do not talk to each other anymore. Instead of that they become cynical and that is something that I just never want to be, I just refuse to be. They just think about their own needs and if it is not pleased soon enough, they move on to another person to who they Assume will bring them their "so long happy future", but that is not going to happen. If you treat people in they way you do, it will come back to you and sooner or later You will be dropped or be replaced.....

And then you start dreaming of the past......

"If you can dream it....you can do it"

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