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Half a year or so I descided to start my own label. I didn't just decided it, I thought about it for years and Yeeeears actually. I did all sorts of preperations for it. I designed a website for it and had it made.....I ordered labels with my actual brandname on them and then.....NOTHING HAPPENED.
The awkward part is that I even told people about it. "He, you know what; I am starting up my own label" I thought if I intragram about it, it will become real. You know.....just like that. We'll my illusion shuttered, because I am going to tell you, NOTHING happens just like that.
Now I come to think about it, I should have called my label NOTHING. That would have been a good contradiction, but I didn't.
I got bussy again, with my freelance work and almost forgot about the dream. Sometimes time will eat you alive if you do not pay attention. It wasn't that I just sat around and waited for the rapture. I was just super, major busy with other work. I lived in the space of wanting it and resisting it.
I just watched the Oprah Winfrey Show (WHAAAAAaat you watched WHAT!?) Yes, it just so happened to be and what I saw opened my eyes. 
This is what Oprah said if you want certain things to change in your life; "write it down, visualise it, seeing it for yourself and then letting it go. Let it go, but move in the direction towards it. Nothing happens at first. It is over the process of the time and the effort and the energy that you put into it. That the energy comes out....." 

The conclusion is that I am having my things made. I have set a deadline for myself and it will happen. For me it is not about the actual things (in this case clothes) that are going to be made and that my website is going to be online and blablabla. I just want to actually do the things that are now still in my head. I want to become that person that I would like to be. I can learn so much more, but I can also give other people so much more...

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