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Sometimes I get to the point that I wander why I am even working in fashion. I speak to my friends who are journalist, nurses and docters and tell them about my experiences in my field of work that I experience every day. They listen to it, but I can't help thinking in the back of my mind, I KNOW that they do not find this important, but I listen to it any way, because she is my friend.

I just can't help it thinking this.....Who am I, caring about clothes, if on the other side of the world people are dying, because they do not have enough to eat or they live in a war zone and they put on whatever clothes that are "on hand". 
This is not completely true, because I do have a fascination with local dressing and cultural traditions and I know that they do not wear just about everything, and there is indeed a decision made according to local traditions. But fact is that they do not pay hundreds and sometimes thousands of Euros for them. Sometimes it is just difficult to put all of this in perspective. I guess as a designer it is good that I have this realisation. But is just so dualistic. 

If you rip my heart open, I do not care about clothes. But what is it then that I keep doing what I am doing? There is something that triggers me going to work every day and that is that is my own personal approach to fashion. From my point of view I love to look at fashion as an work of art. As a designer it gives me the freedom to be creative and create actual things that people can put on their bodies and wear them. I am happy to work as an " in between designer" I do not work for a mass production Brand and I will never will be. I just could never do that. I appreciate the handmancraft and the attention that goes into one piece of clothing. 

I care about the people who are actually making the piece. Sometimes they are true masters in what they are doing. One beautiful example is this short film of Chanel. To see how this couture pieces are been made, is just a joy for my eyes. Those pieces are so intricate, fragile and beautiful! And they make me realise that I do love my work. I am not making couture myself, but I do design pieces that are made by hand on a small basis. And I appreciate that I am part of that small production chain.  

I know that I talk about small things and big things at the same time. Maybe I should cut this point of view in small bits and talk about them step by step on my blog. It interests me and Ialso want to find out, why I am doing what I am doing and more important were is it that I want to be going?
To be continued.....

"If you can dream it....you can do it"

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