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                        Teeshirt from LAUNDRY INDUSTRY

Half a year or so I descided to start my own label. I didn't just decided it, I thought about it for years and Yeeeears actually. I did all sorts of preperations for it. I designed a website for it and had it made.....I ordered labels with my actual brandname on them and then.....NOTHING HAPPENED.
The awkward part is that I even told people about it. "He, you know what; I am starting up my own label" I thought if I intragram about it, it will become real. You know.....just like that. We'll my illusion shuttered, because I am going to tell you, NOTHING happens just like that.
Now I come to think about it, I should have called my label NOTHING. That would have been a good contradiction, but I didn't.
I got bussy again, with my freelance work and almost forgot about the dream. Sometimes time will eat you alive if you do not pay attention. It wasn't that I just sat around and waited for the rapture. I was just super, major busy with other work. I lived in the space of wanting it and resisting it.
I just watched the Oprah Winfrey Show (WHAAAAAaat you watched WHAT!?) Yes, it just so happened to be and what I saw opened my eyes. 
This is what Oprah said if you want certain things to change in your life; "write it down, visualise it, seeing it for yourself and then letting it go. Let it go, but move in the direction towards it. Nothing happens at first. It is over the process of the time and the effort and the energy that you put into it. That the energy comes out....." 

The conclusion is that I am having my things made. I have set a deadline for myself and it will happen. For me it is not about the actual things (in this case clothes) that are going to be made and that my website is going to be online and blablabla. I just want to actually do the things that are now still in my head. I want to become that person that I would like to be. I can learn so much more, but I can also give other people so much more...


ZARA AD aw 13/14

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OH my god the Zara Aw 13/14 Campaign is insane! We all know that Zara is always good for a good designer "ripoff', sorry couldn't find a better word for it. But this season they did a pretty good job in copying some of my favorite designer pieces. The copied the Plise skirt, Pinstripe Suit and the Royal Blue double breasted jacket with the golden buttons from Celine. Overcoats simple and clean........also from Celine.
They are  covering the Saint Laurent vibe and they didn't forget to mix it in with a little bit of Dries van Noten..... I have to admit, just for the sake of it, I will get my hands on a few of the pieces, rip off or not, they look pretty good!
"If you can dream it....you can do it"



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I am thinking: CUFFS. Alle these cuffs are from the Aw 13/14 collecion of Valentino. They look so pure and innocent; "Holy" almost. These pictures are in al my favorite colors: Black, Bone, Red, White and Nude......H O L Y!

"If you can dream it....you can do it"



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I just do not know why some people find love just at once and others have to suffer. They break up a few times, because they are searching for that someone.....that special one. After a few break ups, it makes you so fragile that you never want to experience that feeling ever again. 
When you do meet someone, you keep a distance and don't show yourself to the other person just like that. You do not want them to hurt you. When you slowly get to know someone just for a tiny bit, and you have the feeling this is actually a really nice guy, you still do not show anything back....

You think if this is a person with his heart on the right place, there is no need to rush into things. Just have a laugh,act impulsive!?,be mysterious and don't judge......Don't be to serious, and try to look beyond the stereotype. You give just a little bit and you realise it is nice that there is someone interested in you. You have so much to offer, but you don't show it now, because then it only can become more if there blossoms something.

So many love songs a written about this toppic, that I should write my own. I am not a writer, so I am not even going to try. I like to mess around with words and say silly things sometimes. 
I told myself that I wold never judge anyone, without I have seen their actual deeds. Off course, Doubt comes creeping over your back, but sometimes it comes to you, out of insecurity.

You can't blame the other person that after a while they are going to be like; who is this person? But you Can blame a person, that they just trade you in for another person without even knowing you. I just find it really difficult to understand and when I might understand I will choose not to, because love is not perfect.

It is almost like fastfood, it is fast dating. With affairs we try to forget as quickly as possible. I do not even like the word affair.....
People do not talk to each other anymore. Instead of that they become cynical and that is something that I just never want to be, I just refuse to be. They just think about their own needs and if it is not pleased soon enough, they move on to another person to who they Assume will bring them their "so long happy future", but that is not going to happen. If you treat people in they way you do, it will come back to you and sooner or later You will be dropped or be replaced.....

And then you start dreaming of the past......

"If you can dream it....you can do it"


Damn heart

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I can feel the night behind me. The warm air is keeping me awake, so  decided to write a bit. What a difference a day makes......You wake up happy and when you finally catch some sleep you realise you are not the same. 

I found this beautiful picture of a girl who is floating on the surface. Do you recognise that feeling when you are under water.....I just hear the sound of the water pressing to my ears. Everything moves slowly under water, silent, fluently. Pure, light and fragile.

It makes me think of one of my favorite collections from Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy. Beautiful intricate dresses witextraordinarily elaborate ornamentation. They are like mermaids, that are just coming out of the water. The models just stood still next to the river. The silence of this collection was an intense roar.

"If you can dream it....you can do it"



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Sometimes I get to the point that I wander why I am even working in fashion. I speak to my friends who are journalist, nurses and docters and tell them about my experiences in my field of work that I experience every day. They listen to it, but I can't help thinking in the back of my mind, I KNOW that they do not find this important, but I listen to it any way, because she is my friend.

I just can't help it thinking this.....Who am I, caring about clothes, if on the other side of the world people are dying, because they do not have enough to eat or they live in a war zone and they put on whatever clothes that are "on hand". 
This is not completely true, because I do have a fascination with local dressing and cultural traditions and I know that they do not wear just about everything, and there is indeed a decision made according to local traditions. But fact is that they do not pay hundreds and sometimes thousands of Euros for them. Sometimes it is just difficult to put all of this in perspective. I guess as a designer it is good that I have this realisation. But is just so dualistic. 

If you rip my heart open, I do not care about clothes. But what is it then that I keep doing what I am doing? There is something that triggers me going to work every day and that is that is my own personal approach to fashion. From my point of view I love to look at fashion as an work of art. As a designer it gives me the freedom to be creative and create actual things that people can put on their bodies and wear them. I am happy to work as an " in between designer" I do not work for a mass production Brand and I will never will be. I just could never do that. I appreciate the handmancraft and the attention that goes into one piece of clothing. 

I care about the people who are actually making the piece. Sometimes they are true masters in what they are doing. One beautiful example is this short film of Chanel. To see how this couture pieces are been made, is just a joy for my eyes. Those pieces are so intricate, fragile and beautiful! And they make me realise that I do love my work. I am not making couture myself, but I do design pieces that are made by hand on a small basis. And I appreciate that I am part of that small production chain.  

I know that I talk about small things and big things at the same time. Maybe I should cut this point of view in small bits and talk about them step by step on my blog. It interests me and Ialso want to find out, why I am doing what I am doing and more important were is it that I want to be going?
To be continued.....

"If you can dream it....you can do it"