The White Balenciaga jacket

Current State of Mind:  She smell of Blossom is filling my head
Music Mood: The Growlers 
                 Source: Stockholmstreetstyle
Hi there, Spring is in the air. Finalmente! I am still thinking All White and Off White outfits. The White Balenciaga jacket paired with the creamy knit and the white trousers are so fresh. I wish I could pull this off.
The dotted jeans is also something funny. The best outfit to me are classical outfits, paired down with a statement pice, in this case the dotted jeans. Also a chunky bag is always good. This black Valentino is all on once. It is a classical bag, but the studs are giving it this edge. 
I sign up for the black bag in the last picture with the white piping......tres chique!
"If you can dream it....you can do it"