Current State of Mind: Hazy
Music Mood: Bonfire

My choise of music doesn't really fit the (rock'n roll) image, but I like to play with contrasts. Let's talk about this AMAZING leather sweater by Philip Lim menswear AW 13 collection. I see myself totally wear it. I am obsessed with (luxurious) sweaters lately.
It is also about contrasts, a sweater in a material that you don't expect. The leather overized trousers are also totally my thing. And then not to forget about the shoes! This metalic leather is STUNNING! The cOOOoooLoooOR!
A women wearing menswear is also another contrast. Something you don't expect. So it is all about the unexpecting! My advise for today is: PLEASE DO the totally unexpected! Be surprising, break some boundaries and PLAY!
"If you can dream it....you can do it"

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