Winter Wardrobe by Philip Lim

              All pics by: Style.com
Ok, Forget about the Summery skirts and lets get real. Lets talk winter wardrobe. This winter wardrobe in particular by Philip Lim Pre-Fall Collection. To me it looks a bit Russian, maybe it is because of the Model (Valery Kaufman) or the carpet, but I know for sure that I love it!
Philip Lim himself said about this collection: "Even when this girl's being bad, the inner bourgeoisie always comes through." I don't know about you, but I feel that he is talking about me. I could see myself instantly walking away in these pieces. 
Leopard Biker Jacket: Check, Two jackets worn on top of each other: Check, Chunky Knitted Wrap Scarf: Check, Leather-paneled skinny pants: CheckHuge SweatShirts to curl up in, worn on slim trousers: Check Check, Double Check!
The big Navy Coat worn on cropped white trousers make it clear to me that Philip Lim, has awakened the rebel in me that can't wait to see the Fall collection.....
"If you can dream it....you can do it"

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