The young and the restless

A morning full of doubt....This is a sentence from the song Skin by Boy, my newest discovery. To be honest this is a little bit how I feel this Sunday morning. I don't have doubts in a negative way. But I just have so many ideas that I don't know were to start. I decided to write on my blog again. Not that anybody reads this, but it is just my own little diary. To write things down clears my head. In this way I hopefully will find out were to start.
I am playing with the idea of going to live abroad. I just always had the feeling that I would travel a lot in my live and until now I am not satisfied with the amount travelled. ( I am not an native english writer, I just thought that sounded nice...). So with the amount to be travelled in mind, I think it could be nice to start off living abroad. I want to travel because I just need new influences. I am a fashion designer, and somehow, I am out of inspiration. I need new impulses, new twists.
I have doubts because I have a super nice job, that I love doing. I also have such a nice house here in amsterdam. I live here 1 year, by now and I finally have it decorated just the way I like.I just love being in this house. I love it so much that I don't go outside enough.....
I just saw this movie Sleeping beauty and it had a beautiful scene in it:
I need a new world, a new language..... I just want to be sure that it isn't an escape. But on on the other hand I don't want to find out in a couple of years that I just.....carried on. That would be the last thing I want. Am I deceased with a restlessness?  I guess I have to figure that out....
"If you can dream it....you can do it"

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