"I prefer FUN jewelry', if I may quote Garance on her blog. She pointed me (on her blog) on these beautiful pieces of jewelry from SHOUROUK. The Sterling silver set of three rings with connecting chains and swarovski crystals, reminds me of a design by Gaia Repossi:
I like both styles; The Bold jewelry by Shouhouk and the minimalistic syle by Gaia Repossi .
It just depends on the mood I guess.
What I like about these pieces of jewelry is that they put less attention on the pieces of clothing that you are wearing. With a single necklace like this, you don't need anything else then a plain white tee. 
I don't know if this post has anything to do about the fact that I really had no idea what to wear this morning. Normally I choose my clothes just naturally in the morning, but this morning was different.
Jeans and a Teeshirt, is the answer for mornings like this. But not if you (in this case me) have been eating cupcakes ( LOVE) the whole week.....So long jeans button! Yes, I am going to exersice again, and yes I am on the lookout for pieces inspired by these ones, that I can just wear with a S I M P L E top.
"If you can dream it....you can do it"

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