Never ending love for TYE DYE..

This elephant is especially funny to watch if you put some loud upbeat music on in the background...Source: Iefke de Roos
Source: Iefke de Roos
Source: Iefke de Roos
Source: Iefke de Roos
Source: Iefke de Roos
PS, I just die for these Isabel Marant sneakers, they are sold out everywhere......
Friendship bracelet by: Iefke de Roos
Isabel Marant SS12 show, backstage
Tye Dye Dress by Iefke de Roos(100% cotton top with lace-up details at the neck and sleeves. € 189,- / for information email to info@iefkederoos.com)
If a bouncing elephant doesn't make you happy, what will? I just found a lovely blog from IEFKE DE ROOS. She makes beautiful handmade garments. Her (accidental) prints are remarkable. Really nice to see how a Dutch girl follows her dream and just does what she is good at. She makes the most friendly bracelets as well, also available online! Ok now it seems that I am just promoting her. Nothing of this all is true, I just really like the fantasy world that she creates.....for herself and for others to join.
She recently opened a new blog as well named after her cat: Pataticus Maximus, what a great name for a blog and even more for a cat. What is it with cats anyway, I see them popping up everywhere lately, especially in advertisements from big fashion brands.... I noticed an increasing 'sudden' love for cats by myself as well. I have no idea were this comes from....
Well, I have bigger things to worry about right now, packing my bags for BOLOGNA! Ciao!
"If you can dream it....you can do it"

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