I have found the most amazing headphones EVER! As a big fan of music, I would love to hear music all the time. In fact I do hear music in my head all the time, but ok, that might sound a bit silly.... But for listening to actual music these headpieces by MOLANI are so gorgeous! 
Pleat is a headphone, shown in the first picture. It complements the bone structure of the face, framing your look! The soft headpiece shown in the middle is made of silk-satin and chiffon blends that comfortably wraps around your head giving you a unique listening experience...They use real leather, L O V E these design pieces. I am not sure if I can afford one pair, but I put in on my wishlist for Christmas!
"If you can dream it....you can do it"

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Taylor said...

omg, those are some couture headphones! I think I'd get those dirty in a day though :P