Bjorg Jewelry is my ultimate favorite of this moment. Their SS12 collection is really great. I wrote about the SS12 collection of Veronica B Vallenes here earlier. And now I know what it was that I really liked from this collection: the jewelry. She made a collaboration with Bjorg Jewelry for this show...... amazing.
The first picture is my favorite, this jewelry is amost like a sculpture on your body. All materials are 100 % natural and obtained in accordance to environmental preservation. There is a conceptual approach to all of her designs that encapsulates both previous and present collections as balancing acts between the fine and the raw.
Whether the specific inspiration comes from surrealism, Charles Darwin experiments or ancient myths, there is always a link through an industrial approach to conveying nature in a piece of jewellery. L O V E  L O V E  L O V E it!
"If you can dream it....you can do it"

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Kim said...

Love that inbetween fingeringthingaling!