RIKA Window by Illustration Artist: ASSA ARIYOSHI

The Rika Outlet Boutique has this amazing drawing by Assa Ariyoshi on the window. If you life in Amsterdam you should definitely come by and check it out. She is a young illustrationist currenlty based in Londen. For the Rika Outlet (that is only going to be there this October!) window she made this drawing of animal bodies with human heads. I love the fragility of it.

Since June she has been working together with animator and writer Niels Gerson Lohman.
His debut novel 'Een Rijk Alleen' will be published in February 2012. Together with him she created a book cover and each chapter will have a small black and white illustration made by Assa. This is super exciting news for her and I will definately keep my eye on er for the future!

"If you can dream it....you can do it"

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