sophisticated YOUTH

 A futuristic designer: Philip Lim. I would like to call him futuristic, because he plays with lines and patterns. His SS12 silhouette is clean, but if you take a closes look at the garments you see a lot of unconventional detailing. For example the placement of the seams to the front of the trousers. It optically slims down your leg, and the zipper opening at the bottom is RAD! Also the placement of the horizontal pockets is new, I guess for womenswear. 
Those pretty pales that looked like they'd been left in the sun, and the charred blacks, looked like a sorbet without being to sweet. Here again I spotted the lavender color, that I am VERY excited about. 
The inspiration for this collection was an object made to fly away: the kite. It was taken literally in tops and dresses sewn from rectangular panels with loose edges that fluttered as the models walked. As a contrast a lot of zipper detailing was going on in this collection, especially in the bottoms. Very well done!
"If you can dream it....you can do it"

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