Jil Sander SS12

Yesterday I was talking to my mum about the way she used to dress when she was younger. She was telling me that she was wearing corduroy skinny trousers and long laced boots over them. When I just looked at the show of Jil Sander, the first thing that catched my eye were these boots! In white, but stil, fairly hot! The red (or must I say white!?) thread through the collection was his undiminished sensitivity to the Sander legacy: the purity, the elitism, the artistry. But another, more interesting one was his own wonderment at the world of women and the closed societies they create for themselves.
There were some great intarsias lifted from Picasso ceramics. "The icon of modernism," Simons called him. But the visuals were also an elementary cue for the mid-century modern spirit that was the foundation of the collection for him. I saw Lean, tailored, below-the-knee lines of the dresses and cropped knits in crispy white and more.......absolutely j'adore!
"If you can dream it....you can do it"

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