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I just found out about these amazing mensshoes by Jeffery West. The snake printes pointy ones are to dye for. Jeffery is an English shoe designer. I found a little story about him on his website were I found out that his design handwriting extends to the smallest detail; the punching is always diamond shaped, inspired both by Gothic and Victorian Gothic Revival architecture, which also directly informs the arrowhead wingtips. Thats always been a big influence on the design, says West, whether its wrought iron gates or St Pancras Station, Ive also always loved going into old churches, even though Im not religious.' I am not a big fan of the gothic style as in clothing, but as an inspiration I can see the resemblence. Jeffery believes in tradition rather then trends....But I feel a craving for these pointy ones coming right up!
These photographs of Dutch singer songwriter Ellen ten Damme wearing Jeffery West are taken by Linda Stulic. I cant really put my finger on it, but what I know is that her pictures are breathtakingly Beautiful!

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