Rodarte for Openingcereony....Fall 11

Although I wanted to experience the summer as much as possible.....JUST THAT seems to be an utopia. The sun decided not to show up AT ALL here in amsterdam( it is hotter at the NORTH POLE, than here in amsterdam, I read in the news today....Auch*....what is wrong with the world? Should I be worried.....anyway for now..) so I decided too look at the bright side and move on to the new Fall collections! Here is my favorite baby: Rodarte for Opening Ceremony..... Kate and Laura Mulleavy are back for another round for Fall 2011. Full of silk prints, cable-knit sweaters, and pinafore-inspired dresses. 
What is it with the bare shoulders I see popping up everywhere? I like it! A little fringe here and there, keeps me more than excited! This is one of my favorite collections, because it combines the pastels with the black....It is just so cuuuute, and sweet I want to eat it!
"If you can dream it....you can do it"

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