I found this movie directed by Fumi Nagasaka. She made this movie because: On the 11th of March this year she was in Japan and experienced the scary earthquake. “Watching my country's break down was very painful and that made me realise that we have to appreciate things we take for granted... like having a family and place to live. After that day we were watching sad news everyday, everyone was just hoping to have good news and I saw the news on TV that the cherry blossom season had arrived in the south of Japan.
I saw people's smile and I thought we cannot forget to love our country and all the beautiful things we have. I was inspired by the feeling I had and I wanted to express it in my own way. I went back to New York in April and I brought my idea to my creative friends and we decided to dedicate something beautiful dedicated to Japan. I thought that Andrej Pejic's beauty would fit to the image I had.”

I think this movie is really beautiful. It has a little bit the feeling of the movie that I made under a cherry blossom Tree. A beautiful short film with a beautiful background story.
"If you can dream it....you can do it"

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