CHEAP Monday

Even though today it is Wednesday, I thought I show you the SS12 looks of Cheap Monday. All the seasons are going so together....All the brands are showing their summer collections for next year, while the magazines are full of the Autumn/Winter collections for this Fall....I can't decide which ones I prefer looking at. I have seen the Winter collections already so many times on other blogs and on the runway, that on the other hand it is kinda refreshing to see the summer styles popping by...You decide on this one. 
What I like about this pictures of the Cheap Monday collection is that they are taken a bit soft focus. I saw some other pictures of the collection and the colors are a lot harder in real life. Electric blue, orange and bright yellow shades take over the catwalk. The silhouette was loose and comfortable, reaffirming the Cheap Monday look as one of sensible everyday clothes, the stuff that is actually bought by people. The main theme was stripes, predominantly a beige, blue and orange combination that appeared in several outfits. 
Ann Sophie Back did a nice job on this one I think. The collection looks very wearable, LOVE the transparent flats! Also the Blue Bomber jacket for men, looks Rad, I would wear that jacket right away(I have a weakness for Bomber jackets, so now you know..). The cotton knitted cardigan for men looks also pretty good. I might sneak in the menswear department, when the collection comes out...Although for me the color-blocking is a bit too much, I personally prefer the softer shades of yellow and orange....but who knows, I might change my mind when the collection hits the stores NEXT YEAR!
"If you can dream it....you can do it"

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