CARDIGAN....WISHFUL thingking..

Hanelli Mustapartaaaaaa! Can I borrow your outfit!? And your head as well!? LOVE it!!, I am dying for a cardigan like this, I have one in mind...I will keep you up to date on this one! I was at my hairstylist a few weeks ago and he just refused to dye my hair like this. He said it looked too eighties and weird. I think he is going to get a lot more questions coming up on this one.....
I am actually glad now that he didn't do it. It feels weird to dye your hair backwards. She probably bleached the Sh*t out of it and now she has this grown out blondness, which I think looks great! But now it is actually getting a trend to bleach your hair at the bottom....WEIRD how that works. Anyway, Bonne Journee, Love the pics from HANELLI by the way, check out her blog!
"If you can dream it....you can do it"

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