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CARDIGAN....WISHFUL thingking..

Hanelli Mustapartaaaaaa! Can I borrow your outfit!? And your head as well!? LOVE it!!, I am dying for a cardigan like this, I have one in mind...I will keep you up to date on this one! I was at my hairstylist a few weeks ago and he just refused to dye my hair like this. He said it looked too eighties and weird. I think he is going to get a lot more questions coming up on this one.....
I am actually glad now that he didn't do it. It feels weird to dye your hair backwards. She probably bleached the Sh*t out of it and now she has this grown out blondness, which I think looks great! But now it is actually getting a trend to bleach your hair at the bottom....WEIRD how that works. Anyway, Bonne Journee, Love the pics from HANELLI by the way, check out her blog!
"If you can dream it....you can do it"


Hi Tigerrr

I want eyeliner like that.... My favorite song is nr 3 Tous les garcons et les filles.
"If you can dream it....you can do it"



I found this movie directed by Fumi Nagasaka. She made this movie because: On the 11th of March this year she was in Japan and experienced the scary earthquake. “Watching my country's break down was very painful and that made me realise that we have to appreciate things we take for granted... like having a family and place to live. After that day we were watching sad news everyday, everyone was just hoping to have good news and I saw the news on TV that the cherry blossom season had arrived in the south of Japan.
I saw people's smile and I thought we cannot forget to love our country and all the beautiful things we have. I was inspired by the feeling I had and I wanted to express it in my own way. I went back to New York in April and I brought my idea to my creative friends and we decided to dedicate something beautiful dedicated to Japan. I thought that Andrej Pejic's beauty would fit to the image I had.”

I think this movie is really beautiful. It has a little bit the feeling of the movie that I made under a cherry blossom Tree. A beautiful short film with a beautiful background story.
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These are just some general pics that i came across. I love the indian portrait. The shirt that he is wearing and the look in his eyes...another few for my scrapbook..
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let's go Burgundy

These are my cravings for Fall...The Burgundy leather pants is just insane! I think I will really go for the Burgundy accessories as well....There is just something with the Bordeaux red. It feels sophisticated, but gives you that edgy look at the same time....I bought round Sunnies like these a while back on a flea market, just put in a bit of Hippy charm on your look can't harm I guess...
Clu, Contrast-sleeve cotton-terry sweatshirt
The Row, Round-frame acetate and metal sunglasses
Isabel Marant, Malou embellished suede clutch 
Chloe, Embellished suede T-bar ballerina flats  
Isabel marant, Poe suede-trimmed stretch-leather skinny pants 
Stella McCartney, Angela silk-charmeuse blouse 
(All found on www.net-a-porter.com) 
"If you can dream it....you can do it"

CHEAP Monday


Vanessa Bruno F/W 2011

I am back from holliday! I had a wonderfull time in Norway. Now back to reality and here I start dreaming just a little bit still, with this amazing video from vanessa bruno. This video actually makes me think a bit of Norway again....ooooh WILD nature! Kate Bosworth is stunning....LOV! the white horses.
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Today I relaunched my website: www.annalindeman.com......Time for a fresh start... I am very happy with the result. No all I need is new work! I hope I will find some time in the upcoming months besides my freelance work to do so. Keep you posted!
"If you can dream it....you can do it"


Fringed Boots

These merlot 'Manly' style boots from Isabel Marant are set to be a new cult favorite. Team this fabulously fringed suede and leather pair with bare legs and you are ready for ANYTHING! The Burgundy color is really great for this Fall. I am really in the mood for more fringes! Just wear it with a plain outfit like a cut of jeans short and a plain white Tee. I am off shopping for some fabric for a weddingdress I am going to make! Keep you updated! 
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S MESH ING Jewelry

This halter neckline TOP by RELIGION makes me want to do the WIGGLE. I have no idea what the wiggle is, but, for me it is a synonym for an absolute beautiful piece. The back ends in this embellished draped chain and it is open! This could be an inspiration to build a whole collection on...I am getting more and more fascinated by jewelry and clothes in one piece. Also the all-over graphic floral with lace print on top, gives it a feeling as if it has been decayed or something...I found it here. 


A girl on a green sofa

A girl on a green sofa from Allard Faas on Vimeo.

This morning I got this movie in my inbox. It is a short film made bij Allard Faas a Dutch Audiovisual- Creator. Although it is not finished, I thought I show it to you anyway. The girl in the film is wearing a dress designed by me!  Nice job Allard! 

"If you can dream it....you can do it"



I was just browsing on the blog of Li Edelkoort. Kinda interesting to see how she separates different trends or tendances, not only in fashion, but in life in general. I found this story about water. It made me missing being on the water. I used to do watersports a lot when I was a teenager. It gives you a feeling of freedom and it also was a spiritual experience sometimes. Water has this effect on me I guess...I just dreamt away for a second by watching this pipe-dream short film.
Water can be a real inspiration, the fluency and waves and rapids and rivulets and the reflection of it! Water is vital for all known forms of life.. I am pisces as a sign by the way, so if this story doesn't get to you at all, just wait for the next one...

"If you can dream it....you can do it"


Criss Cross

I thought this is a stunning silouette. Love the combination of bone and pure white...leopards high heel-sandals...and cool graphics on the wall...