You can't judge a BOOK by it's cover

Summer reading? Fashion folks aren’t necessarily known for their book smarts (you’re more likely to catch them cracking the latest issue of i-D than Finnegans Wake), but they sure know how to fake it in style. Olympia Le-Tan’s whimsical clutches, which are made to look like famous novels such as Moby-Dick and Lolita, have been a smashing success. 
Her blog is full of pictured taken of( her own?) bookshelf. I love the colors  and the graphics of the bookcovers. Funny actually how a designer can look at books in a totally different way than it is meant for....actually reading the piece! I think the clutches are marvelous....It is raining for one month without stopping according to my mind....so I might actually open up a book myself today...if I read it is a second guess... PS. I can't believe why I posted a picture of Anna Dello Russo either!

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