I went to see UNRAVEL a knitwear exposition at the MOMU in Antwerp. The exhibition showed a wide variety of knitted garments and accessories from across the last centuries. It was a small gathering of all sorts of knits....If I am honest I expected more, because they wrote about the exhibition that: Far from being old fashioned and dowdy, knitting is a highly versatile and continuous source of inspiration for high end fashion... The collection was shown in quite a dark space and through the segmentation of the pieces shown it DID gave me a feeling of dullness, if I must say...It is such a pitty, because knitwear CAN be highly innovative and fresh, modern and renewing...I just missed the modern TWIST.
In any case...there were some beautiful pieces shown, my favorites are the fragile hand-knitted + lace detailed socks, the bathing suits from the twenties and the last cardigan shown from RODARTE

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