Great add with Marc Jacobs for Prada, brilliant

INDUSTRIE, a magazine I picked it up yesterday and I was blown away by it's content. Here I have just pictured a few quotes that I liked while glancing through for the first time. I had heard about the magazine and I had seen it before, but actually never opened it and take a look inside. What a beautiful magazine! It is the first fashion magazine that I actually READ.
Really good interviews with interesting people out of the industrie. An interview with Tim Blanks for example, whose fashion reports (on style.com) I love to read by the way, as one of a few....about his childhood. He also speaks about people who steal his content and write their own name under it. Confession: In the past, when I just started this blog I have also copied some sentences of you Tim! Sorry about that, but then again, your writing is so damn good, you would be a fool if you don't steel it...He told in the magazine that he didn't care, so I guess I am lucky....
Also a story about Elin Kling, whose blog, like many others I madly read/ look at every day. You can find her blog bundled together with NOWMANIFEST. A webpage that I am going to take a better look at in the future...The whole magazine is written in a way, that makes you feel related....Or at least I did. The articles made sense. They speak about fashion not in a polished way. The stories are real, but with a certain finesse in it...That is what I like about it; it is not too real. Because, fashion, to me is also about a   dream and something in the air, that you can't lay your hand on... Well I don't know how to explain it, but I am very happy that I have found it! Pick it up, open it and read it, when you see it!

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