If you are happy and you know it..

"If You're Happy And You Know It" (clap your hands) is the repetitive song we remember from our school days. It is this popular song which was one of the starting points for artist Julie Verhoeven's glorious beauty film for AnOther, created in collaboration with Neil Emery. For this AnOther Exclusive, Verhoeven presents a varied selection of beauty and grooming products, for both men and women, from vibrant lipsticks, luxurious face creams and perfumes to the all-important tools. Placing them in unusual contexts – natural sea sponge and DIY church glass windows – and interspersing them with intriguing, unexpected objects – a pineapple, a corkscrew and a padded rainbow – Verhoeven gives a new spin on the world of beauty and grooming. 
Julie Verhoeven is my favorite illustrator, and I am very curious for these final products! keep you posted!! I know....the song is sooo cheesy, I almost fell of my chair....You just HAVE TO like it;)

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