Guess technology isn't ready for pancake teleportation


City: Antwerp
Location: Nationale straat
Were: MOMU 
What: Niels Peeraer presented his graduation collection: Guess technology isn't ready for pancake teleportation. A collection about a boy who has an imaginary boyfriend, but prepares everyday to get married to his love. He wears his grandmother's couture jackets and does nothing but playing videogames and eating sweets. materials: handmade tweed/silk tulle/ fakefur, cows leather, sequined silk. Everything handmade by designer. The leather accessories will be able to be purchased soon.

I had the luck to meet Niels in person. I shot a few pictures of him, and couldn't decide which one I should place, so I placed 3 portraits of him. He is a personification of his own collection.....Does a true artist only debates himself? 

This collection has won a few prices and it is not hard to imagine why....A striking collection that goes beyond...I personally love the light nude tones. I sensed Chanel in the grandmothers couture and the unmistakenbly Japanese influences are presented in a modern and VERY elegant twist!

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