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The Filmmaker Casts a Ballet Double Act in Staerk for a Hypnotic Fashion Short

Director Barnaby Roper coaxes a supernatural performance from two of the Royal Danish Ballet's rising stars for his latest high concept vision, Vanitas. The filmmaker drew inspiration from photorealist painter Hans Henrik Lerfeldt for the surreal fantasy: “What I liked about his work is the cycle of life, beauty and decay,” Roper says of the artist, known for juxtaposing oversized insects with classical beauties. “The thread through the film is that these two elements are one and the same.” Soundtracked by an original score from the Raveonettes’ Sune Rose Wagner, the film features new autumn/winter looks from Roper's wife, fashion designer Camilla Staerk, whose luxe-gothic offerings are accented by fur, leather and lace. "There is a Danish sharpness and sensibility to my designs," she says. "The Scandinavian darkness myth is definitely true, and since I am drawn to that and it is part of who I am, it shines through in what I do."  What a beautiful video!!!


You can't judge a BOOK by it's cover

BODY jewelry

These Tassel body ornaments are so RAD (ok now I need a new word....) I totally love this look with the paisley PJ pants and the effordless grey melee TEE. You can find these here. 


NO 21 resort

NO 21 Resort comes with the most versatile collection ever. All the pieces can be worn with each other. Pastels mixed with green (not shown here...) and with black. Super CHIC and bohemian at the same time. My personal favorite is the NUDE dress, with the lace detail, but also the ankle length trousers with the black waistband are pretty "rockin" as well...

All Saints

New in: ALL SAINTS. I have a wedding coming up and I found that a good excuse lately to browse for some dresses. I have bought a summery dress already, but you never know what weather it is going to be, so I thought I should look for an alternative. I found this dress from All Saints, It has a butterfly print on it, and either you love it or you hate it. I love it...It has a large collar,that you can wear in different ways. The bottom of the dress is simple.
I also bought a Tie Dye halter singlet; great color combination....and a rock n roll tee with a black crow. The sleeves are partly open and it looks as if it is worn already a hundred times, but it is new! I guess I am entering dark moods... 



I am staring at this RIKA bag....or it has been staring at me for months. And now, it helps that it is sale and all of that, but finally I got the guts to get it! It has a tattoo embossed print on the flap and a long chain as a strap...I just had to show you these pics, because this bag is going to be my new friend for the upcoming period....or I think FOREVER! I will call it Jack and I will never let go...



Deep down inside of me there is a hippy girl who wants to wear flowers in her hair every day....I love the sixties feel of these pictures...These pics make me wanne have a picknick in the park with wine and fresh food & happy friends making daisy necklaces and put them in our hair.....ooooh dream on..
Photos: Solange by Daniel Gurton for Vs. Magazine July 2011.


Guess technology isn't ready for pancake teleportation


City: Antwerp
Location: Nationale straat
Were: MOMU 
What: Niels Peeraer presented his graduation collection: Guess technology isn't ready for pancake teleportation. A collection about a boy who has an imaginary boyfriend, but prepares everyday to get married to his love. He wears his grandmother's couture jackets and does nothing but playing videogames and eating sweets. materials: handmade tweed/silk tulle/ fakefur, cows leather, sequined silk. Everything handmade by designer. The leather accessories will be able to be purchased soon.

I had the luck to meet Niels in person. I shot a few pictures of him, and couldn't decide which one I should place, so I placed 3 portraits of him. He is a personification of his own collection.....Does a true artist only debates himself? 

This collection has won a few prices and it is not hard to imagine why....A striking collection that goes beyond...I personally love the light nude tones. I sensed Chanel in the grandmothers couture and the unmistakenbly Japanese influences are presented in a modern and VERY elegant twist!