The Store-Ecstatic Geometrics; BYAMFI

Oh my god, what a beautiful shop I just passed by today during my lunch break. On the corner of Het Spui 23 in Amsterdam in a gorgeous building you find BYAMFI. Since 11 March this year the concept-store got a whole new look! 
What immediately jumps into the eye is the creditcard collection from Pinar & Viola. A huge wallpainting and several other large art pieces are the decor that set the tone for the ExtaticHYPERdetailed , graphic, geometric & colorful vibe when you enter the store. What I also noticed was the net of 15 black lines on the ground, this could have something to do with breaking boundaries, but I leave that to your imagination. In this shop fashion and lifestyle brands are represented from young talented designers. Besides clothing, you will find jewelry, bags and even the finest little hats!
Five creative brains are behind the BYAMFI concept. I am curious what their next step will be for the store. I totally think the idea is great to combine art, fashion and lifestyle altogether in one dynamic shop like this. I personally also like to support young designers in buying their pieces. I bought something today that made me super excited......! I will show it to you tomorrow.....

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