Fringy Margiela

I remember going to an exhibition of Martin Margiela in Antwerp. Exquisite! I thought every men or women that walked into the gallery was actually Martin Margiela. I see him or her as an observative person. I would like to go to my own exhibition incognito, just too see what the publics reaction would be towards my work. It is just interesting, that we just do not know who he is....ok in my mind he is a men;)
This resort collection of Martin Margiela, has this slightly seventies glam. The hippy feel, which I love. Although I can see were Margiela got his inspiration from, I still love this total collection. Unlikely for margiela it is almost trendy, if I must say. Referring to the fringes, the seventies feel and the translucent (long)skirts. I love the soft focus-color blocking, what a ravishing collection!

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