What's your POINT!?

These are my new fella's that are going to walk me all around town. MEN shoooooes, I know, but they look so....POINTY, I know! I just LOVE them, they are really FUNKYComfy.


Trick Pony

I just love this song, I can listen to it ALL DAY.....so seductive and mysterious....



This is my outfit of yesterday. Because the shi**y rain never seem to stop, I made from my Sunhat a Rainhat. Boots from HAKEI, Leather shorts ZIPPER, Cardigan REALLy really old, Jacket from ACNE. I have to work today in my studio....now when the weather seems to be finally a little better.... See you later!


Birds of Paradise

I know I am so out of season by wanting these CHANEL tatoos....but I just looked at them again, and especially the chain bracelets are pretty amazing. I am thinking about getting a real small tatoo as well. I just love Niels Holgersson, and I found the cutest little birds on the back of a 20 Kroner bil in Sweden:
The 4 small ones can be a really nice tatoo, what do you think? Have a nice weekend!


Theyskens resort

This denim, as seen on the first picture is RAD. I found my favorite word again. With the sidesplits and the relaxed styling, don't forget the shoes and the mirrorglasses she embodies a certain coolness I can't even imagine. Oliver Theyskens resort collection for Theyskens theory is all about quirky tailoring.
The goal of the cutaways and collar slits, he explained, was to give jackets the ease of a cardigan without losing a shred of their edgy elegance. I also love the way how the pictures are taken, great angle. It is almost as the girls from the streets, walked straight onto the runway. A beyond interesting collection!


New Blood

I just spotted these illustrations from artist Tara Dougans. She has illustrated the the student collections from the Design Academy of Antwerp. Artist Tara Dougans interpreted the breakout final collections from this year's seven graduating students, an international mix hailing from Germany, Poland, The Netherlands, Belgium and Japan. “I thought about all the talented people I have met who burn brightly, and the concept of ‘a moth to a flame,’” Dougans explains of her finely wrought graphite illustrations with an entomological twist. I am curious who the designer from the Netherlands is. I have visited two graduation shows last week by the way. I will show you some pics of them later. I think it is always inspiring to see New Blood, with high HOPES and DREAMS....

Fringy Margiela

I remember going to an exhibition of Martin Margiela in Antwerp. Exquisite! I thought every men or women that walked into the gallery was actually Martin Margiela. I see him or her as an observative person. I would like to go to my own exhibition incognito, just too see what the publics reaction would be towards my work. It is just interesting, that we just do not know who he is....ok in my mind he is a men;)
This resort collection of Martin Margiela, has this slightly seventies glam. The hippy feel, which I love. Although I can see were Margiela got his inspiration from, I still love this total collection. Unlikely for margiela it is almost trendy, if I must say. Referring to the fringes, the seventies feel and the translucent (long)skirts. I love the soft focus-color blocking, what a ravishing collection!


Philip Lim....Ava Adore

The temperature is rising and then goes down again.....one thing that REALLY made me happy this morning is looking at the resort collection of Philip Lim. Immediately I get the song Ava Adore in my head....or Perfect...Sorry for being sentimental, but it is so nice to see a collection that comes so close to perfection. "the beginnings of a quintessential summer wardrobe", Translation: loose layers and relaxed silhouettes.....Again you see the grey melee suit, did I just discovered a trend? I also saw it at the collection of Stella mc Cartney; the whole suited up thing. It looks a bit like pijama-dressing. I really like the idea of dressing relaxed in an elegant and edgy way....
Also pay attention to the bags....PERFECT



I don't know how the designers do it, but the resort collections are out! These are my three favorite looks of T by Alexander Wang. Simple Elegange with and Edge in jersey fabrics. I haven't worn grey-melee for a while now, but I am starting to like it again. Dressing up and dressing down all in once!

Stockholm Diary

    Stockholm view

   Crochet dresses at Zara

    Inside Marlene Birger Boutique
   My new bracelet...birdy
    Inside Marlene Birger Boutique
     Inside Marlene Birger Boutique
    Inside Marlene Birger Boutique
   Inside Marlene Birger Boutique

   inside Weekday store
     inside Weekday store

Here are some random pics I have taken in Stockholm. I haven't taken so much pictures, I just enjoyed the city so much! The stockholms locals were just so relaxed and easy going and creative. A really good vibe to be in, I wish i could have stayed longer, I will go back soon for sure!
PS. Don't mind my hair, it looks absolutely bonkers in this Knot...,but sometimes it is just easy....


Acne paper sneak preview..

Here is a sneak preview of the Acne Paper that comes out halfway July. What a beautiful cover.... The theme will be all about the young and the creative. How does creativity work in a young versus elderly mind? Questions and Visions that are wrapped in a paper that is all about Beauty, Energy, Purity, Confidence, Idealism, Creativity, Boldness, Vision, Rebellion and all of youth's many characteristics.....I can't wait until the issue is here!

HEMLINE were are you going?

I am just getting totally obsessed by this a-symmetrical hemlines as seen at Alexander Wang pre-fall 2011 Collection....It is so PLAYFUL! It is feminine and fresh, I would love to see more hemlines like this on the street!



Here I am all smiles in my new Acne dress. I love the multifunctional zipperdetailing....you can wear it in many different ways!

Stine Goya

The talented Danish designer Stine Goya has designed her second collection for Weekday. This collection is very playful and sensual at the same time– My latest collection for Weekday creates a contrasting mood that is soft and feminine with a confident and strong attitude. Added details as gold press buttons, zippers, soft shoulder pads and tiny pockets emphasize the playfulness of the collection, says Stine Goya.The watercolored black and white print is so amazing! Just guess what I have bought in Stockholm....I will show it to you later...



Shopping is what I did a lot the past few days.....in between sun bathing ,having super nice food, meeting nice people and having a good time. Stockholm is breathtaking! Or did I say that already? One thing that really got to me was the smell, it is soooooo good! As if there is constant perfume in the air. So fresh, sparkling and sweet!
Here are some pictures of Urban Outfitters. The shop is a mixture of all things GOOD! Inspiring books, the cutest jewelery, lomograpy camera's and mostly scandinavian design I guess. Rodebjer a favorite swedish brand of mine was there too! Also Cheap Monday and Mini Market just to name a few... Gosh, I want a shop like that in amsterdam!