Orange birds

Today we had our own Queensday here in the Netherlands. Queensday in Amsterdam equals national madness. On april 30th EVERYONE dresses up in orange, ore at least SOMETHING orange. The whole city is one big flea market and there are music performances on big stages at about almost every square. To make the chaos complete the canals are FULL with boats, overloaded with partying people. I won't show you any pics of that, you just have to come on over to Amsterdam and see for yourself;)
Today I worn an hippy-like dress, that I bought in Madrid for 4 euro's. It is 100% viscose, made in india and I love it! It could be a Dries van Noten with this print and I totally regret why I didn't buy the whole rack with dresses like this. They are just perfect for the Summer. I love the print and the dramatic sleeves. The orange crochet I worn on my wrist and also as a head-peace. For me it was a bit of a quiet day, but I had a wonderful time!
I am experimenting with these bird tattoos. I don't think I am going to get a real tattoo, but I just like to think about it. They have something romantic in some way. Free as a bird...keep you updated!

Thinking of birds made me think of this scene from the Notebook...it is so cheesy, but i love it...

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