Small treasures found on my shopping round..

 Clutch seen at Inwear

 Ausbrenner top see at Inwear
 Animal Print, ruffle dress, seen at Inwear

 Twenties embellished dress seen at Inwear

 Ruffles seen at Inwear
 Love this contrast-binded trousers seen at Karen Millen

 Dutch cheese, ole!
 Postcardshop, with antique pics and funny masks seen on The Leidsestraat

 Colorful printed trousers seen at Raak

Lace-detailed top as seen in the window of Raak

Shopping for me doesn't always mean for me that I am actually buying new stuff. Most of the times I am just strolling around by the shops to see what is in new, just to know what is going on. Believe it or not, but I actually don't even like shopping for myself that much. I know very often what I want to buy, so I do most of my personal purchases online. 
As a fashion-designer myself I am always one season (sometimes even 2 seasons..) ahead of what is actually in the shops, so seeing what is in the shops right NOW, keeps me from walking with my head in the clouds all the time. It is sometimes also difficult not to get bored with the things you see now, because most of the things you have seen already one year ago.  ..Maybe for you difficult to understand, so I wont get into great detail on this toppic, I saw some really lovely pieces which makes me excited for the summertime!

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