Friday six o clock......finally weekend! That was what I thought yesterday. I went for a drink downtown and felt in love with the canals of amsterdam all over again. Amsterdam is so beautiful in this sunny weather! I was warmly invited by Hanneke from Are you Swedish? to the DAGMAR party at shop Nr.9 at the Prinsengracht 226. 

I was positively surprised by the beauty of the shop. I had actually never been there (WHAT a SHAME!) This is I think because, it is not on the main streets of the 9 streets, were most of the nice boutiques are. You have to follow the canal to find it.....They sell the coolest (mostly Scandinavian) brands such as Dagmar (off course:)), Stine Goya (another favorite of mine!), Stella Nova, Rodebjer (very curious about this brand...) Opening Ceremony, Surface to air and more! The SS 11 collection of DAGMAR looks so casual and chic. I saw a lot of pieces with I WANT YOU written all over them

They also sell a pretty good selection of (leather) jackets, so the shop was especially satisfying for me. I have to go back and quietly look again at the jackets I briefly saw yesterday. I might find the right jacket just there.... All in all it is a beautiful shop with Off the Hook! brands. You can go there to find your perfect accessories, (platform) shoes and garments. To be honest I have no idea why the shop is called nr 9. I have to get more used in doing this kind of visits. Next time I will prepare an interview list....then we will see what happens. Can't wait until the next collection presentation. It is all good! 

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