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A must have (for the french women to be...)in your closet is the Leather skirt. I spotted this beautiful one in Celine's latest collection. This reddish-color is so stunning!! The over the knee lenght might be a little bit too edgy for the most of us, so that is why I wanted to show you the alternatives to look stunning this summer.
Today I did a three in one buy. I was looking for just one, but at the vintage shop I just couldn't resist buying all three of them. You can wear leather skirts all the time, so why not!? I bought  Two mini skirts, one black and one olive colored one. The olive colored skirt is buttery soft and a really good color to wear in combination with black. The wider skirt might look a bit weird at first sight but is surprisingly elegant when when you wear it. Maybe I will show you pictures of that later....(I need a photographer....) Have a good weekend!

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