maison scotch....you're so beautiful!

 Dries van Noten denim, also seen here

Today I spent my afternoon taking a stroll down the 9 streets in amsterdam. I passed the store "van Ravenstein" were they sell brands like Dries van Noten and Givenchy just to name a few. I was surprised to see the dip-dye-bleached denim trousers, that I had already seen on a streetstyle picture. I am still doubting in buying it....it has a high waist...it is so sixties...super nice! 
I passed by the Maison Scotch store. When you enter you get bedazzled by the nice scent that they have in their airconditioning or something...it stimulates your senses and get's you totally in the vibe of the brand. Fresh and clean! 
I have bought the shorts with the romantic print and the waistband with the starprint. I will show you how it looks like when I am wearing it later ( I first have to get some kind of teint on my oh so bare white legs before...) Maison Scotch pays such a great effort in the detailing of their garments, that you can really fall in love with them in the way how it is made. The labeling and the trimmings are so cute, it is almost like candy or jewelry on the piece! Also the little nautical embroideries, are just so lovely! 

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