This logo Tee is so cute....I love the waterpainted-printed letters!

No this is not the store were Edward Scissorhands goes when he needs a new pair.....This is the home of Denham The Jeanmaker.... and ooooh yes Jeans they make.....Not only Jeans, if you enter their store on the Prinsengracht 493, Amsterdam a whole world on itself unfolds....Authencity is the word that describes this brand the best.
The fundamental Denham design process represents the ambition to find the most remarkable detailing and hum- bling craftsmanship within heritage denim, workwear and utility clothing and push them forward within utterly con- temporary garment designs. While there’s some truth in the notion that these design traditions are historically male- dominated, there has also been a century’s worth of designemancipation utterly transforming the rugged roots of workwear into a new school of style with an uncompromising focus on women.
I can go on and on about this brand... My attention went especially to the womenswear, but also for men this brand knows how to get it DOWN...!
Next door to the shop they have a whole atelier; The Denham studio. What an inspiring atmosphere..." Worship tradition. Tradidtion teaches quality..." is one of their quotes. Another one is:  "The process of making begins with looking". You can really feel this great deal of craftsmanship that is going into their designs. I fel in love with the vintage research material that is not for sale.....I will leave you for now with some pics of the shop, but I will definitely keep you updated about this Cutting Edge brand!

     Edward Scissorhands...I couldn't help it;)
    Styles ShownCamino DGL jakcet, Delicate tank and the Skinny Plus jean (SS11 Collection)
 Styles Shown: Spy Plus jacketSkulljan house guest-artist tee and Clean jean (SS11 Collection)
Styles ShownBuena jacket and the Boyfriend Short (SS11 Collection)

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