The perfect mood..

Just two inspiration pics that I had to post right away....The Alexander Wang cape is just soooo RAD! And the flappy hood, with the laced suit....is just the perfect mood!

Bejeweled SUMMER

Summer has finally hit the town!! It is totally hot today in amsterdam. I was just briefly outside to do some groceries and it was like stepping out in a sauna. This is what I am wearing today. I love the jacquard-like knitted top with the puffed short sleeve. The denim shorts I found in my closet, they are the old ones of my sister. I love the idea of wearing jewelry on your garment. This brooch-like metal thing was already on the garment, I guess you can just buy it like that. It brings such an extra dimension to the piece! Also the last picture were the jewelry is worn at the back of the dress has this idea. It is playful and exciting! Have a beautiful day!



There are some fashionlabels you are not supposed to like when you are a young women. Maybe it is just my fascination and is it just me personally, but I never check right away the newest collection of Valentino Couture for example. In the back of my mind I always have this sort of image that it will be too classical and too feminine for my own personal taste too like....
Wel that illusion totally shuttered when I looked at the Couture collection SS11 from Valentino just now (way too late..). This was not a no, but definately a VALENTI YES! At first sight the collection looks sweet and romantic, but this collection has a undertone. There was a secret in the collection, in the way the pleats fell, the way the sheer fabrics seemed about to reveal something while keeping it hidden. That secret was presumably the girl inside the clothes. If she was covered up, she wasn't demure. The models walked with a diffident hauteur, hardly innocent.

Here I quote Tim Blanks for Style.com: "If fashion is about today, then today it's time to go back to elegance," said Pier Paolo Piccioli, after a collection that put the seal on his and co-designer Maria Grazia Chiuri's creative stewardship of Valentino. "Elegance is subversive," he added. "The real subversion is culture." And, in the duo's eyes, haute couture is a way to flex some cultural muscle.

I couldn't have described it better, this was exactly the feeling I got when looking at the collection. This pale greenish feather jacket.....oooh what a beauty! Also the white trousers with the blind zipper and the translucent! heels, are so sexy. My appreciation for Haute Couture definately blossomed from here! 


NEW in...


A must have (for the french women to be...)in your closet is the Leather skirt. I spotted this beautiful one in Celine's latest collection. This reddish-color is so stunning!! The over the knee lenght might be a little bit too edgy for the most of us, so that is why I wanted to show you the alternatives to look stunning this summer.
Today I did a three in one buy. I was looking for just one, but at the vintage shop I just couldn't resist buying all three of them. You can wear leather skirts all the time, so why not!? I bought  Two mini skirts, one black and one olive colored one. The olive colored skirt is buttery soft and a really good color to wear in combination with black. The wider skirt might look a bit weird at first sight but is surprisingly elegant when when you wear it. Maybe I will show you pictures of that later....(I need a photographer....) Have a good weekend!


I love this video of the French designer Vanessa Bruno...


Eddy Borgo

Although it might be pretty lame that I write about a toppic that I have just read about on another blog....But I still couldn't resist showing you these Pave padlock bracelets from Eddy Borgo They can look a bit tacky, but worn with a plain white tee (love that band...) I think it can look pretty fine (especially the gold one). No idea what is happening with me and the sudden jewelery obsession, but I am just going to see where it all brings me...and enjoy!



 Little angel on the straats...
 Celine clutch

 Alexander Wang boots, this cut out heel is amazing..

 This coiffure....what else...

 Australian fashionweek...

It is about time that I clean my desktop. I have these images on them for ages. I don't even know the sources were I have found them. I guess on random blogs. I just like to collect images that inspire me in some way. The bracelet on the two latest pics are made in Australia from Italian veggie dyed leather, LOVE! 


em BRACE let

I am lacking blogging a little bit lately. I am going to be back on track shortly, but right now I am kinda busy with finding myself a new apartment in the centre of Amsterdam. There are a lot of exciting things happening and I will tell you all about it soon!
I am so happy with my new bracelet from H&M. I should have bought two, one for each arm, they are like the metal cuffs you see a lot around lately, but this one has this romantic flower embossing...


Theyskens Theory

I love this picture so much. I can design a whole collection just by looking at this image. By showing just a bare piece of the back of a woman can be as sensual or even more than showing the front. Looking at this image made me think of Theyskens Theory collection. Beautiful fabrics and the prints...inspired (I assume) on Japanese batiks made me speachless...Cool girls with sophistication and precision, wrapped in an aura of modernity, although Olivier..


Short Suit

SHORT SUIT + ENVELOP...nothing more to add.

All over ACNE

I am kinda in desperate need of these chunky cut off toe, mc cowboy ankle boots. They are so wrong, that they are right, if you know what I mean..
Under a cut of jeans they will be so rocking, I just guess....Also the Striped short sleeve fleece top defined by its boxy fit and relaxed flattering short cap sleeves is screaming my name. Acne did it again....I say delicate dress avec leather cuffs....ooooooh lala!