Central Saint Martins Foundation Exhibiton.

Hat, pant, sunglasses & bathing suit, Rodarte for O.C, Shoes, Repetto Bag, Want L.E.V.
everything is from lagarconne.com

I have been quite bussy the last 2 days with finding a new appartment. In between my work as a freelance fashion-designer I have visisted a few apppartments in the centre of amsterdam. It has been a exciting and exhousting experience. The one I have seen, were ok, but I haven´t found the one yet...So I just keep on searching. I will keep you updated. The idea of moving brings all exciting thoughts in my head of how I will decorate it.....can´t wait!
For now I wanted to share my favorite fellow blogger with you. I find her blog very inspiring, because of her simplistic yet elegant style: VANILLASCENTED written by Maria Van Nguyen. She comes from the coldest place Oslo, but she still manages too look ooh soo sophisticated! It took me a while before I figured out that she works as a sales assistant at ACNE, a brand that is well represented in her wardrobe, but she definately rocks it in her own personal way!

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