SPRMRKT for your daily fashionDOSE

I think this is the biggest post I ever did on a shop, but I just couldn't choose between the pictures. SPRMRKT is based in a formal garage at the Rozengracht 191- 193 in Amsterdam. This is just the hottest shop in Amsterdam. They sell men and women designer labels such as ACNE, A.F. VANDEVORST, AVELON (my favorite!), SILENT, DIESEL BLACK GOLD, FIRMA & UNCONDITIONAL. They also sell pieces from MARTIN MARGIELA and off course the MARGIELA fragrance; UNTITLED. 
Besides clothing they also sell furniture, jewelry, accessories, shoes and art. The space is minimal and neutral, yet friendly.  What I have to mention is that the staff is really relaxed, they are all dressed in black with an artisan's touch. When I was visiting there was no background music, which gives you the opportunity to really experience the pure aesthetics of the designers that are presented.
I saw a beautiful hooded leather jacket , which I am dying to buy. SPRMRKT is all about exclusive designer pieces with a vintage, pure, edgy and rock feel,  a real experience and a must see when you are in amsterdam!

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