Valen TIN TIN Tinoo

You can shoot me for this nude boots of Valentino. They look clean, and retro at the same time, THEY are RAD! I am not a native english writer, as you have probably have noticed... I am not completely sure what RAD means, but from what I understand it is pretty GOOD! It is beyond good, it is double good, at least that is what I presume. Maybe, it means something completely different, but from now on I will use RAD, for outstandingly great and beyond, so you will understand. We will have a secret way of speaking that only you and I will understand...
But seriously, also this ankle straps, are killingly awesome. I just love the super femininity combined with the lace, translucency, and all of that. The black lace shirt in the first picture is so outstanding, that I am wondering how they have made it. Jadore!

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