ALHAMBRA, Photo Dairy

OK, I do't want to have a sight seeeing blog, but for me as a fashiondesigner visiting the Alhambra in Spain was also very inspring. The Mozaiks, the colors and all the prints on the wall were really mesmarising. I can really see how I can translate these prints into garments and fabrics.
Unfortunately all the shops were closed, so it was only looking. On the other hand I was glad that the shops were closed otherwise I would have definately bought a new pair of retro-like sunglasses that I saw in one shop. The outfit I am wearing in the picture is:
Shirt: Bershka, I love the small colar, worn completely closed untill the neck, and the vichy print is  preppy, but with my face on top it looks different, at least that is what I am aiming.
Glasses: H&M, always good to have a classical model like this, actually I am not really worth an expensive one, because I always seem to end up sitting on them..
Bag: Marc Jacobs, The dark red is edgy and fits alost all my outfits. This one is from the last winter collection and I have already seen the new Summer Collection that is now available in the shops, and I am thinking of buying one in a light spring color......Oh what a materialstic thoughts!

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