Spring! at the Noordermarkt

Spring is in the air! The best way to spend your mondaymorning in Amsterdam is by going to the Noordermarkt. This fleamarket is there only on this day of the week. On Saturday there is also a market on this place, but that on is more healthy food oriented, also nice. You really have to dig deep into the piles of clothes, but if you look good, small treasures come up. I found a Marlene Birger jacket a few weeks ago. At this moment I am getting obsessed by cropped coloured leather jackets. They are so ugly that they become nice, that kind of thing. I have bought a white one, the fit looks like it just walked out of the latest ACNE collection. 
Also this stand with real vintage shoes is for me a candystore. They are so well made and still in the box for over 50 years! You can't make me happier on a mondaymorning! 

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