Pastel Cables of Missoni

I know that today is the first day of the SPRING!! But that doesn't let me of posting this supernice sweaters. I have to post them now, otherwise it will be too warm... My love for knitwear has grown and is still growing. I must say that I am not particularly font of the coloured label Missoni, but I have to admit that they are the absolute top in designing knitwear. This new collection scattered the sweet balm of fairy dust. Its candy-colored pastel prettiness seemed to be the stuff of Cinderella's dreams. But alternately, you could flip the cloud-cuckoo-land binoculars and look through a glass darkly, at which point a whole other, rather more interesting story emerged. 
The chunky knits look so comfortable and the fading and degrading colors are very fascinating to see. I am proudly presenting myself as a fluo yellow likeable junky! I love the yellow detailing, it freshens up everything! LIKE LIKE LIKE! And off course dark red lipstick is always a winner.

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