A lot of PUHA

When I did my round through Utrecht the other night I cam across another nice shop called Puha. Actually I walked right to it, because otherwise you might be wandering what I would be doing right in the middle of the red light district in Utrecht in the evening....This shop at the hardebollenstraat 8 sells designer pieces and accessories of young designers for men and women. The name itself is so well chosen. In Dutch Puha means, a lot of blaze, something like that. Only now it is spelled different and you see right away that it is a nice word trick.

It is a very colourful shop, some of the labels that they sell are Studio Jux, Neurotica, Alter & Kiss, Ontfront, Monique Poolmans, Les Queues de Sardines, Deux Filles & Fil and Superhorstjansen. You can also buy these pieces at their online webshop. Their windowdisplay is really getting your attention with the lightened dolls. Puha, You got my head turned! 

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