LAUNDRY INDUSTRY experience...

The LAUNDRY INDUSTRY store on De Huidenstraat 10 in Amsterdam is a favorite place to pass by on a Saturday afternoon. LAUNDRY INDUSTRY has in total 4 different shops; 3 in 
Amsterdam, and 1 in Antwerp, so this is just one of them. Actually it is the smallest location, but in my opinion, also the one with the most character.
The shop has a certain twenties GLAM feeling, I don't know how to describe it. Trying on a garment in this changing room is like morphing yourself back into a twenties BedRoom............
I love the wallpaper in the changing room and the lightbulbs around the mirror. The collections of LAUNDRY INDUSTRY are always elegant and contemporary. They offer a clear Identity in collections with highly recognizable and provoking interior design. An unique experience, that is screaming for you to come on over and visit the stores.

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