Mesmerising Hussein Chalayan F/W 11/12

I have been away for a week and then out of thin air, new collections have arrised. Paris fashion week is going on at this moment and one of my favorite designes has really blown me away with his collection. Hussein Chalayan, the master,  titled his collection Kaikoku, meaning "open country," a reference to the way Japan was compelled to open up to the world in the traumatic aftermath of World War II. Phew! That's context.
The kimonolike sleeves and wraps, the delicate dévoré texture used on a coat and jacket, the oversize man-tailoring, the bias cut tops and the layering in the skirt parts are my absolute favorite. Another favorite is the jacket with the shadow print. First I thought it was projected on the garment, but by looking up close I noticed that is was a print, incantevole! ( that means mesmerising in italian;)

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