The good sound of NAKKNA

NAKKNA  FW/11 "LE CRI" is now available at the showroom of Are you Swedish.
At any moment in time, anywhere in theworld. Each garment is a character in a play without a script. A quiet performance, in which movements replace words. But one could also describe the collection as a swarm of birds, also with each component as an individual. More or less anonymous creatures in motion.
For this collection Nakkna has worked a lot with crinkled wool and the mixture of different textures.The silhouette is more elongated than normal for Nakkna, but still also contains volume. The base is black, with color accents as a natural brown and silver. With their draped and a-symetrical shapes they are edgy and elegant at the same time. I love the make up as seen at their latest F/W 2011/12 show.
The collection looks strong, but still has a bit of softness shined through. This brand is definately one to watch. 

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